Dealing With Low Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common heath related issues nowadays. Our hectic schedules contribute heavily to this. Strenuous work, heavy lifting or even bad sitting position may lead to backaches. Many people whether young or old suffer from this pain. Most occurring types of back pain are of the lower region. The main reason for higher cases of this pain is the fact the most of your body weight is supported by your lower back. Even a small thing like lifting a box may result in throwing out your back causing undue stress, strain, and pain. Low back pain can severely restrict your movement in extreme cases. Acute pain can even give way chronic back pain as well, which can lead to many more problems. Low back pain can affect your performance at work too. Taking painkillers and doing certain back exercises can treat the pain in many cases. Though, it will be better to consult a pain clinic regarding the solution for your low back pain.

Causes of Low Back Pain

Sudden movement, swift turning or a slip and fall may lead to back troubles. Since the lower back is used for movement and most kinds of lifting, it is under constant strain. This is the main reason for almost every aged person experiencing lower back pain. Due to being constantly under strain, our lower back suffers much wear and tear. There are many more reasons for the occurrence of low back pain. For instance, sitting in one position for a long time may result in low back pain as well. It can also be caused by an injury or accident.


A variety of symptoms may accompany your pain in this area. The kind of pain you may feel will vary too, depending on the cause of the low back pain. In mild cases, you will find little trouble moving. In severe cases, you may be unable to move at all. This type of pain can also radiate down your hip and legs causing greater discomfort. Sore and aching muscles are also symptoms associated with this region of pain.

Treating Low Back Pain
There are various ways of dealing with low back pain. Some of which can be tried at home without having to consult a doctor. Try to rest for a day or two when the pain first occurs. Though bear in mind, resting more than necessary may lead to stiff joints. Stay mobile and do a few exercises for your back. Exercising can not only help you with low back problems but also strengthen your back and supporting muscles. Fire and ice treatment can help here. Although there is no proof as to whether it is beneficial to low back problems but it can help with the pain. It will reduce inflammation in the region and allow for better mobility. One can also try to alleviate pain through massage. In fact, massaging may be your best bet for chronic backaches. You can also visit a pain clinic for medication. Only prescribed medication should be taken.

Take care of your back. Maintaining a good body mass goes a long way to helping your back. Use footwear which is good for your feet. Right posture is very important for keeping low back pains away. Try not to strain your back much and do not lift objects beyond your ability to lift. It is best to take a few precautions than trying to cure a backache later. Certain circumstances may still cause low back pain to you. Try a few painkillers, exercises or a message to treat your backache. Visit a pain clinic if nothing else helps. Are you based in Houston?